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About David Nolte

Pierce de Resistance has been in operation for over twenty years, as part of David Nolte Pharmacies. David began his piercing career in 1976, when he was trained in San Francisco at legendary studio Roar. Pierce de Resistance received Health Department certification in 1987 and has been servicing a steady stream of satisfied clients since.

David Nolte As a pharmacist, David emphasises safe and informed piercing practices, and provides extensive consultation on Aftercare for all types of piercing.

A big part of David's service is ensuring that clients can refer to him after procedures with follow up questions regarding their piercing.

David is also happy to answer inquiries regarding procedures from other practices, if clients are not satisfied with their current service.

If you have any questions regarding appointments, jewellery or would just like to know more about our safe piercing practices please feel free to call David directly: 0418 394 464.

Alternatively, you can email David with inquiries» pierce@piercederesistance.com.au

To read about past client's experiences with David at Pierce de Resistance, check out the links on the News page.


About Matt Kook


Matt Kook discovered his passion for Body Piercing in 2002 at the age of 14, he taught imself the basic 'blade needle' techniques by watching piercing documentaries and practising on himself and close friends.


After years of experimentation at home Matt decided to try and start a career in body art. Growing up the the small town of Leeton NSW this was not as easy as it sounded, after months of rejection from the local tattooist at 16 he faced facts and started a trade.

In June 2006, Matt moved to Sydney still trying to get a foot in the door in the 'Body Modification'industry. He startedworking at the Adorn Piercing Center in Dee Why, Northern Beaches as a trainee under the famous Body Mod artist Josiah Joash. After months of sterilization, general cleaning, first aid courses, jewellery sizing, marking etc. he began piercing again.


Matt continued working at Adorn as the main body piercer while Josiah focused mainly on seminars & courses, after 18 months of piercing and completing course 1 & 2 in Body Piercing under Josiah, Matt started running the 'piercing' side of the studio building his confidence, knowledge and experience. (managed studio 9 months)


At this point Matt moved to Melbourne trying to further his experience and knowledge in the Body Mod industry.


Matt Kook spoke with David Nolte in January 2009 discussing business plans, David (+30yrs exp.) was looking to slow down his piercing studio and focus directly on his Pharmacutical products and services. Matt Kook is now piercing at Pierce de Resistance 701-703 Rathdowne St Carlton North. and you can email him on matt@piercederesistance.com.au or alternatively call him on 0404 632 952